Bakti Barito Foundation

As a company that operates on good business ethics and is well-accepted by its stakeholders, especially the communities in which it operates, Barito Pacific has always shown its commitments for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
The business policies and practices of a truly responsible company must include a broad awareness for prevalent social issues and conditions such that it can provide positive benefits to its surrounding communities and other stakeholders.
With the aim to undertake more effective CSR programs through consolidation and better long-term planning, in late 2010, the Company established Bakti Barito Foundation that will coordinate and support CSR programs from the Company and its subsidiaries. With a spirit of social responsibility, thanksgiving, and a strong commitment to caring. Under the flag of the Barito Bakti Foundation, the Company is set to undertake several humanity programs which is the primary focus of the foundation.
Various humanitarian activities from the foundation are always focused on six important aspects of life, namely Education, Public Health, Social Solidarity, Infrastructure, Economic Empowerment and Natural Environment.