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Forestry and timber is the first and oldest business segment of Barito Pacific since its establishment in 1979.

The Company is the pioneer of Industrial Forest (HTI). In its active years, the Company’s environmental-based management served as a benchmark for the forestry and timber industry. The Company’s reputation is renowned all over Asia as a timber company that focuses on environmental sustainability.

The HTI lands are managed by the Company’s subsidiaries, which are PT Rimba Equator Permai, PT Mangole Timber Producers, PT Kirana Cakrawala, PT Kalpika Wanatama and PT Tunggal Agathis Indah Wood Industries.

Aside from its successful effort in expanding to other business sectors, the Company still retains its forest concession rights, particularly for HTI land management, through its particle boards production in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. To manage this business segment, the Company holds its commitment to nurturing, managing, and preserving the forests as one of Indonesia's most valuable natural resources.